Design Your Own Custom Wreath

Frosty’s Choose and Cut is excited to introduce Build-a-Wreath!! This new, hands-on family activity will provide a personal and creative addition to your usual holiday decorations. Your family will be able to choose the size of your wreath, pick out your desired greenery from a beautiful range of choices (Fraser, White Pine, Boxwood, amongst others), and enjoy our selection of unique decorations available to make your wreath your own. Watch your basket of materials transform into a beautiful and fresh Christmas wreath of your own design in Santa’s Workshop, where our professional wreath makers finish your personalized holiday decoration in minutes!

Step One

Choose a Wreath

Step Two

Pick Your Decorations

Step Three

Select a Bow

Step Four

Let a Frosty’s Elf Help Design Your Custom Wreath

Step Five

Take Home Your One-of-a-Kind Wreath or Mail It to a Loved One