The Process

  1. Arrive at Frosty’s & Let Your Christmas Adventure Begin Here
  2. Start by Picking Up a Measuring Pole and Custom Tag from Our Greeters Outside the Barn
  3. Catch a Hayride or Follow the Path to the Cutting Lot
  4. Enjoy the Mountain Air While You and Your Family Choose Your Perfect Tree
  5. Signal Santa’s Elves When You Find Your Tree by Flipping the Measuring Pole to Green
  6. Great Time for a Family Photo While Waiting on Your Tree to be Cut
  7. Allow Time for Your Tree to be Loaded and Prepared for its Ride Home. Shop Garland, Wreaths and Décor Located Inside the Barn
  8. Browse Around Frosty’s While We Brand Your “Tree Stump” Ornament at the Fire Pit
  9. Convenient Check Out Stations are Located Inside and Outside
  10. When Ready to Head Home with Your Tree, Return to Your Car with Your Paid Tree Stub and Follow the Road to Our Handsfree Loading Zone
  11. As Soon as You Can, Immerse Your Tree in Water When You Arrive Home and Keep Your Stand Filled Throughout the Season
  12. Enjoy Your REAL Christmas Tree, Safe Travels and of Course – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas from the Entire Frosty Family!!!